An amazing story about personal vaporizers and business

One of the problems that plagued me as a contractor was crew members smoking, were cigarettes or pot does not matter. Anyone who has spent time in the business knows that a high percentage of the labor in this field are smokers and/or pot smokers.

I had read reports from the CDC claiming that smoking cost over 100 billion a year in lost productivity, but really wondered if the numbers were valid because government organizations tend to stretch the truth at time.

About  4 years ago a friend of mine (who recently passed away) who was still a contractor was talking to me about lost production because of smoking, how it affects the health of the skilled labor involved in his business and told me two simply amazing stories.

I will try to give you the story as accurately as possible from my memory of the conversation and the experiment that my friend tried, at great expense.

One of his crew chiefs, who was in his 40′s quit using traditional tobacco cigarettes and decided to give e cigarettes like these a try instead of the combustion of tobacco. Switching to e liquid, which is a vaporized liquid that is turns to vapor that looks and tastes like cigarette smoke. The contraption looks like a cigarette, but does not give off the real smoke, just a water vapor.

As everyone knows, contractors spend plently of time with their crew leaders in comparison to the average laborer or even skilled labor, it’s just the way it happens for times sake.

This particular crew chief kept telling my friend that he was feeling a lot better since moving to the e cigarette instead of tobacco cigarettes. He would tell him how much more productive he was, and it showed financially too, for my friend and the crew chief that get’s performance bonuses.

After looking at the production increase, he starting scheming on how he could get all of the crew members, or as many as he could to change to e cigarettes instead of smoking in the traditional manner.

There was still a problem since a large portion of construction workers smoke pot, so he started doing some research on vaporizers and their health effects on people who smoke both cigarettes and pot.

He learned that they have vaporizers that use tobacco, pot, herbal blends and much more in without combusting the organic material, which means no smoke, just vapor. There is no particulate like smoke produces.

Scientist have figured out that the “Smoke” is what causes all of the health issues, including cancer, blood problems and so forth. This means tobacco or pot can be vaporized, virtually eliminating the dangerous part of smoking either with vaporizers.

He decided to give one crew e cigarettes for the smokers and the best vaporizers to the pot smokers and see what happened. About half of them gave the products a try and about 20% kept using them from his story. What came of it according to him was almost crazy.

He told me he had a 30% increase in production after the first 30 days of the ones who stuck to it. That is something that is totally incredible. Most businesses would consider a 30% increase in production impossible, and even though it was only one crew, it’s pretty plain that the CDC has some pretty good information.

My thoughts are that companies should look at alternative measures to help their employees, crews or other labor to move to less harmful methods and all could reap the benefits.

3 things Every Home Theater Needs

When it comes down to it, having your very own home theater set up is the pinnacle of luxury.

Getting to view the biggest blockbusters or even some old favorites in the privacy of your own home is one thing but getting to view them on a huge projector in a room specific for this purpose is another.

There are a few things that can take your home theater set up from normal to amazing and here are a few you should consider in the process of perfecting your home theater. As a professional woodworker and construction expert, I would suggest you get a professional in the field. They have local experts in every city like this Orlando Home Theater Company.

First and foremost is a good speaker set up. Surround sound should go without saying for the absolute best experience no matter what you’re viewing.

Give your audience the best of the best and get a good hook up of sounds going throughout the space to insure everyone can hear properly.

Seating is another incredibly important thing to remember but what you may forget is to install seat risers for that stadium effect.

This makes sure that everyone gets an unobstructed view of the screen and won’t miss out on any important scenes. Invest in good comfortable seats as well which are readily available.

They can be good recliners or even the seats modeled after actual theater seats that some stores sell.

Last but most certainly not least are the snacks. What’s a theater without a good concession stand?

Popcorn makers, hotdog warmers, and soda dispensers are available online and can really add that movie theater feel to your home screen.

For the adults in the house you could even consider adding in a bar that can really take the experience over the top.


Home Theater: DIY or Hire Professionals


There are tons of DIY weekend warriors & experts, but as a whole, they are a small percentage of the population. For the ones considering a Home Theater project, there are a lot of variables and a lot to learn.  This video is from a series by Jonathan Danforth, who installed his own system and recorded the entire project in over 14 videos and he has links to his forum thread in the description of his videos for the DIY types.

You have to work design, equipment, sound quality, Amps and lots more. This is one of the most detailed series I have even seen on Youtube to date and worth watching if you plan on doing it yourself.

There is a lot of research and a crap load of work involved in a home theater system and most should probably opt for the professional method, as I have. It’s not hard to find excellent home theater companies, you just have to research the company. I used Orlando Star Home Theater and you can see their site here , just in case you’re in the Orlando area. They done an absolutely beautiful job and gave my dream theater to me in my home in less than a week.

Reclaimed Barnwood Dining Tables, Farmhouse Or Harvest

 Reclaimed Barn Wood Dining Tables

These Farm Tables made from old barnwood look more even inviting when they are in your space. They give a warm & cozy feeling running through your soul as you imagine the things this lumber has seen pass over the decades and centuries. Decorating With Barnwood Ideas on pinterest are plentiful and also include barnwood coffee tables for the livingroom.

People are decorating their bathrooms with barnwood and even the bedroom is not immune from the insurgence of old barnwood. Many are building headboards from barnwood and even doing accent walls with it in various rooms.

Some are so old that they probably watched Confederate and Union soldiers as the battles raged in Tennessee many years ago. It is a great reminder of where we have been and where we are going as a Country and as individuals.

Many trends forecasters have projected a “return” to the days of self respect in America where people need to get back to the basics and enjoy life again. This would include “spiffy” clothes based on quality, not quantity, self respect, not a gang mentality and back to handshakes that mean something to both parties.

We still haven’t accounted for the history it will see in your home…with your family. It will build more memories for you, your kids and even their kids in the future.  I remember my childhood and the table my dad had custom made when I was 11 years old.

It was a rugged old table that when I was 15, I could hop onto it and it never wavered, and even today at near 50 years old I can still slide right up on it and still it never wavers.

I am assuming the trend forecasters knew that Americans were tired of cheap China made component furniture and would go back to buying something once, not once every few years.




Calling In An Orlando Water Damage Restoration Company

If you are battling water damage in your home you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Water damage is something that can seem very small at first only to turn into a nasty ordeal that has gotten way out of hand. This is why it needs to be stressed that you shouldn’t take on water damage on your own if you find that the damage is extensive. It is imperative to always call in the experts.

A water damage expert can bring a lot to the table when it comes to getting the water damage out of your home. They can assess just how extensive your home’s water damage really is. They can also find the source of your home’s water damage. You may think that calling in an expert is an expensive endeavor but if you have home owner’s insurance then you may be covered (you’ll need to check your policy).

A water damage expert can not only assess how extensive the damage is, they can also tell you how much money the repairs will likely cost. They can also restore some of the damaged areas themselves depending on the services that the expert offers. You shouldn’t feel intimidated or embarrassed about calling in an expert. Water damage is very dangerous and it is better for your own health and the health of your family that you call in an expert and get rid of the damage for sure.  So if you are up against old fashioned water damage then you don’t need to waste any time in calling in the cavalry.

You can search most major search engines for experts in your area, but don’t get confused. Here is an example. When looking for your city, like, an Orlando water damage restoration company, you will also find that they also do mold inspections in orlando and also take care of mold remediation in the orlando area too.

These companies are actually disaster restoration companies and can also do fire & smoke damage repairs, crime scene cleanup and other disaster related restorations.

Detecting Water Damage

When you decide that you want to check your home for water damage you need to look for the tell-tale signs. There are several places you need to look in your home that are water damage hotspots. These spots are veritable breeding grounds for water damage and each area can have a different kind of water damage.

One of the first places you want to look in your bathroom, where more water passes through than any other room in your home. Water splashes on the floor, hits the shower curtain, and of course there is the toilet. You want to look at the immediate floor around your bathtub and check the cracks between the tile. You want to look for any cracks that may have been worsened by water.

You also want to look around the base of the toilet as water could have made its way under the cracks around the toilet and softened the floor underneath. You also want to check your shower curtain for a mildew smell as that means you need to clean or replace your shower curtain altogether. Finally, you need to check underneath your bathroom sink. What you are looking for there is mold. Be sure to wear a face mask to cover your mouth and nose with so that you do not inhale any possible mold spores.

Your attic is also a major hotspot for water damage. You want to inspect the wooden foundation of your attic for water damage. You also want to check for any areas where the mold or damage seems most concentrated. The best solution is to call an expert that are trained, equipped and licensed to deal with water damage, like the Red Shoe Agency, a Water Damage Winter Park company that also does mold inspections and testing in Winter Park.

This is evidence that your roof could have a leak. You need to find this leak and take care of it. One of the easiest ways to be sure to fix the leak in your roof is to get on your roof and look for any damaged or missing tiles. You need to have these tiles replaced with new ones and in extreme cases you may need to completely redo the roof of your home.

Water Damage Dangers

 When you move into a new home you may think that it is a fresh start for you and your loved ones. Many families let that new house feeling forget, however, that the house they just moved into was standing before they got there. When you move into a new home you want to be able to do inspections of the house for safety purposes. There are plenty of small repairs that you could make around your home that could choose to ignore and be perfectly fine with. However, the one problem your home may have that you definitely do not want to ignore is water damage.

A lot of people have the misconception that water damage is not a huge deal and that all it really is is a little bit of mold that can be easily scrubbed off. While it is true that there are minor forms of water damage that are very common, water damage is not something you want to shrug off. Water damage comes in many dangerous forms and even that little bit of mold that you thought was no big deal can have a devastating effect.

Water damage can have a serious affect on the structure of your home. If your home was hit by a big rainstorm before you moved in and your home’s floor was hit hard by water then that rain water could have seeped into the wooden foundation. This can soften the wood of the foundation which over time can cause serious damage. The idea of walking into your home and busting a hole in your floor is obviously not appealing.

Any water damage that has built up in your home in the form of mold or black spots can have a terrible effect on your family as that mold spreads through your home via microscopic spores which your family could inhale. Inhaling these spores can make your family members very sick and if the mold is bad enough then it could even cause death.

This is why it’s important to understand that water damage is no laughing matter and shouldn’t be ignored. Mold testing is a must  to start putting your health first in your life. After all,  your new home could be harboring some nasty secrets and it’s important that you find them sooner rather than later. This is the best way to be able to breathe easy.